How To Use GIF In Instagram Stories?

Instagram users have a reason to rejoice. The latest upgrade of Instagram has come with a cool update feature that will now let its users add GIFs to Instagram stories. Isn’t that the best thing ever? Now you can make your posts more dynamic, fun, and colorful at the same time. What does that mean? Well, for starters, you can actually feature a sticker of Drake’s hilarious laughter on your funny posts. Or say, add a sticker of a steaming cup of tea to your picture of you reading your favorite novel. How exciting is that?

Instagram has managed to not just keep up, but excel at impressing the users’ with its regular updates. Over the last few months, it has made various feature updates like text-only stories, different fonts, and of course, the latest and the best, so far, of allowing GIFs inside Instagram stories by accessing Giphy’s API which stores more than 1 billion pictures.

So coming back to the topic in question, how do you use GIF in your Instagram stories to immediately make them more funky and sharable? We present to you a step-by-step breakdown of how you can use GIF stickers to make your Instagram stories more lively and enjoyable. But before we begin, please note that GIF stickers in Instagram stories are only available for the users who use Instagram app version 29 on iOS and Android. If you have a version lower than that, then make sure you update the version to 29 and then follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Create Your Instagram Stories: This goes without saying, the first step is, of course, to create a story by taking a picture or recording a video, or a short boomerang, whatever you wish to.
  • Click the GIF Sticker Icon: Once you have created your Instagram story, tap on the top right smiley face icon on your screen which is next to the other drawing and text tools. As soon as you tap that icon, you will see a GIF sticker icon which will appear alongside other options like Location, Poll, Hashtags, and so on.
  • Selecting the GIF Sticker: Once you have selected the GIF sticker icon, you will notice that a search bar appears and below that you can also see all the trending GIPHY options in the menu. You can scroll through these trending GIF stickers that majority of the Instagram users are using. However, if you wish to put some other GIF that is not on the trending GIF list then you can simply use the search bar and look for more specific GIFs. For example, you wish to insert a GIF on coffee, you can simply type ‘coffee’ in the search bar and you will see all the multiple choices of coffee GIF stickers you can choose from. 
  • Adding the GIF: Once you have selected the GIF you want to add to your Instagram story, you can pinch and drag it to wherever in the pic you want the GIF to be placed. You can also resize it and make it smaller or larger to make the content of your story more appealing. The best part about adding GIFs to your Instagram stories is that you can add as many stickers as you want and then move them around and resize them so they can all fit into the picture or video that you want to share.

And we are through. Wasn’t that quick and easy-peasy? So what are you waiting for? Try adding your favorite GIFs to your Instagram stories and spice up your social media presence.