GIFs History

Graphics Interchange Format, or as it is popularly known by its acronym GIF, is a compression format image files developed by the company CompuServe. Over the years, GIF has become one of the most used image formats on the Internet especially because it can be used to show animations (unlike other formats which only shows a still image).

But this was not entered in the format until 1989, when it conducted a review of the standard in which quality was also improved because until then only supported up to 256 colors (8 bits).

GIF images had its splendor in the early web pages even to be excessive the use made. Advertising also saw GIF images a method to attract the attention of visitors coming to be annoying his use. Over the years and the emergence of other technologies like Flash or videos were a decline in the use of this format.

The advent of social networks and the discovery of memes by them has made a comeback for this format, especially with emotional GIF or GIF reaction.